Werde thanks everyone who supported!

Werde ry was established in May 2000, which seems like a long time ago, but feels like yesterday! During the last 17 years organisation has worked in Finland, Cambodia and Philippines, bringing joy to lives of many and touching hearts of everyone who supported. It is time to say thank you for everyone! In a meeting of the organisation in December 2017 we have decided to close Werde, it is time to depart with good memories and move forward. A little bit of funds that remain…will be transferred to the Batang Calabnugan our long time partner in Sibulan, Philippines.

Werde hopes you can find your calling and a very own challenge to tackle this New Year 2018  with integrity. With love, WERDE

CapabnuganGirls of the Batang Calabnugan. Picture in the courtesy of Batang Calabnugan

Ready for a Christmas present that makes a difference?

Dear Werde friends,

Christmas is approaching and this is an excellent time to put your money in good use. We would like to recommend two projects of our partners. If you would like to know more please write directly to me, katja.pellini @ gmail.com


Batang Calabnugan – Girls home in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines, hosts currently 27 girls from toddlers to teenagers. Our friends Franseco and Flora (whom many of you already know!) tell that at the moment girls in the centre need especially school shoes and school bags. Cost ranges from 15-20 Euro/bag or shoes.

If you would like to donate you can do the transfer directly their bank account in Italy (go down this page to see the IBAN).

Flora just sent few recent pictures from the centre:


TREE ADOPTION – Early November I evaluated a community carbon project of KKI -WARSI, Indonesian environmental NGO supporting community based forest management. They also  support forest conservation through a tree adoption project in customary forest (Hutan Adat).

You have probably seen the incredible forest fires in Jambi this year which have been portrayed even in the European media.  All efforts, however small,  to save remaining lowland tropical forests in Jambi are very welcome!

Cost per tree is minimum 200,000 IDR (14 Euro)/year and you can donate a tree for your friend who will then receive a certificate upon adoption sent by email. Trees are monitored through online spatial data (trees adopted). Unfortunately Paypal link in the page is not yet working so payments are only directly to their Indonesian account.

Contact me if you need help in navigating through their web site and would like to give “trees” for Christmas present katja.pellini @ gmail.com

Here few recent pictures from the trip I made to the target areas of WARSI:


Werde goes to Indonesia

Werde is in the process of starting activities in Indonesia. The well received concept of “adopt a project” will be tested now in Indonesia with local NGO partners. The theme in Indonesia will be Youth as Agents of Social Change. This topic is probably timely in the country with over 62 million young people (aged 16-30). Werde will support some young people to make a change in their own community or contribute to the wider process towards more sustainable and equitable world.

Stay tuned, soon we will tell what kind of activities are planned and who are our partners in this exiting endeavour!

Do you want to learn how to write a proposal for “adopt a project” initiative?

The werde voluntary board supporting “Adopt a Project” initiative in Negros Oriental met on Monday 17.2.2014 in Sans Rival restaurant Dumaguete City. To support finalisation of project ideas and application of new projects from Werde the voluntary board plans to organise a half a day writeshop for partner organisations. The write shop will be organised in coordination with the NGO network ONCAN. Also other partners are encouraged to attend the event.

Check later this web site for more information and the exact date of the writeshop or contact the werde voluntary board via email.

Next deadline for submission of proposals to our “adopt a project” program is August 26th 2013

Does you organisation work with disadvantaged children in the Province of Negros Oriental?

We are inviting organizations working with disadvantaged children in Negros Oriental to submit proposals for Werde “adopt a project” initiative. The deadline for applications is August 26th 2013 and application format can be downloaded through our application page.

There are many great ideas to improve the life of disadvantaged children in Negros Oriental, Philippines.These ideas come from the people who know the needs and aspirations of children with difficulties.

Adopt a Project aims at helping people and organisations working with disadvantaged children in Dumaguete City and surrounding areas to express their ideas and ask for support.

Take a look at the project that have already been adopted and reported. 

Please contact us to receive more information by writing to werde @ werde.fi