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Adopt a project

There are many great ideas to improve the life of disadvantaged children in Negros Oriental. These ideas come from the people who know the needs and aspirations of children with difficulties. The “adopt a project” concept helps the people working with disadvantaged children in Dumaguete City and surrounding areas to express their ideas and ask for support.

Smiling Children on the Beach

Smiling Children on the Beach

Now you can help to make these ideas come true. 

You can support the entire “project” or part of it.  Please read through the suggested “projects” and decide what is “your thing”, which project would you like to support? After making a decision write to and we will reserve the project or part of it for you and send you the details of making the donation.

Afterwards you can follow this page to so see pictures and read about the idea you have helped to come true.

We suggest our partners to start small, but we also allow room for learning; if something does not work this time, next time it is time to do things differently.  If same partner is involved in implementation of several projects the volunteer team will keep in touch with him or her to document continuity and lessons learned from the past projects.