Werde thanks everyone who supported!

Werde ry was established in May 2000, which seems like a long time ago, but feels like yesterday! During the last 17 years organisation has worked in Finland, Cambodia and Philippines, bringing joy to lives of many and touching hearts of everyone who supported. It is time to say thank you for everyone! In a meeting of the organisation in December 2017 we have decided to close Werde, it is time to depart with good memories and move forward. A little bit of funds that remain…will be transferred to the Batang Calabnugan our long time partner in Sibulan, Philippines.

Werde hopes you can find your calling and a very own challenge to tackle this New Year 2018  with integrity. With love, WERDE

CapabnuganGirls of the Batang Calabnugan. Picture in the courtesy of Batang Calabnugan

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