Who we are

Small sizeKatja Pellini has involved in the projects of  Werde since the establishment of the organisation in May 2000. Katja is an ecologist with over ten years work experience in environment related projects in Southeast Asia. She lived and worked in Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and now in Indonesia. She has managed projects on forestry, education and natural resources management implemented with the government agencies and NGOs. Katja has considerable experience of different cultural and social contexts, where within the change and development happens, and belives that while problems we face are global their solutions can only be local. Katja specialization is in the following areas: capacity building and institutional strengthening, local governance, forest management and biodiversity conservation, Education for Sustainable Development, land use planning, project management, M&E and fundraising.


Arnaldo Pellini has been involved in the establishment of Werde and the implementation of its projects since 2000. Arnaldo currently lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and works as Research Associate at the Overseas Development Institute, UK’s leading development think tank. He is an economist with a specialization in decentralization and local governance reforms, community participation in local governance and service provision, in particular education, and evidence-based policy influencing processes.  Arnaldo has more than ten years of field experience at national and local level in Asian countries. He worked and lived Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and now in Indonesia.  Arnaldo has an MPhil in economic development and a PhD in education and development founded on research on the decentralisation reforms in Cambodia. Arnaldo has a good knowledge of the design and monitoring of processes that enable the translation into policies of research evidence. He has acquired extensive experience facilitating meetings, workshops and trainings for governmental and non-governmental actors and is a PRINCE2 and MSP APM qualified project and programme manager.

The Board of Werde in Finland

Lauri Rytkönen, Susanna Koponen and Tuuli Erkko manage Werde in Finland. The Board supports the planning and monitoring and manages the administrative work to make our projects in Indonesia possible.

The Voluntary Board of Werde in Philippines

Werde meeting in Dumaguete, Philippines

Team of Filipino nationals all familiar with the work done with the disadvantaged children in Negros Oriental helps Werde in editing and selection of Adopt a Project proposals among the applicants. They also support us to monitor the activities and check the reports from our partners.

Contact us via email: werde@werde.fi

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