Testimonials by beneficiaries

Materials for Early Childhood Care and Schools on Wheels

“By the first day of our Non Formal education Class, kids were amazed by the hanging shapes in the ceiling with different colors and they said: “dili na ko ganahan mouli kay chada kaayo ang room” or in english: “I don’t want to go home because the room looks very nice”.
I was so happy by hearing that and everyday, we used the educational materials for them to learn more and get more and more interested to come to school everyday.”

Storybooks and educational board games for the KAPASKI daycare resource center

The books and games helped the children and us youths in learning new things. I like to teach the smaller children because they learn fast. – Crissybel, 1st Year High School and youth facilitator
I am happy and having fun learning the new games. It is very nice. – Bapi, Grade 2
I like to read the story books. The pictures in them are pretty. – Shine, Grade 1
Helping the children to read and to learn new things helped me to become a better person and achieve my dream of becoming a teacher someday. Jerome, 2nd year college and youth facilitator

Summer Camp on Gender & Environment awareness – Summer 2012

“Participants unlearned gender roles and they have learned that men are not superior to women. An important theme the participants remember well is the gender equality. The girls and boys who took part in the camp learned ways to defend themselves. During the camp they enjoyed good food and and spent a lot of time having fun, playing and getting to know each other.”

“The 3 nights and 4 day camp was indeed a one of a kind camp that I’ve ever participated. So far the delivery of each topic was nice; the speakers find ways to get back the enthusiasm of the participants. The facilitators introduce games, songs, & art craft that were relevant to the topic before they got into the lecture process. I was amazed by their talents and most especially their patience. Then as for the female participants, they found each other a venue with their emotions. Yes they found new friends & inspirations. This camp made me become braver in facing the realities of the pressing issues in relation to gender based violence & environmental degradation. The male participants are so obedient and are very much attentive in every topic. Lastly, saying thank you was not enough to express our gratitude to those people who were behind this camp. Some participants said that the camp was nice however the cell phone signal was low & the budget for food is limited. No matter what, the participants wanted to have another camp to capacitate ourselves & be responsible citizens for the common good!”

Games and Sport Materials – Summer 2012/ Casa Esperanza:

“Through games and sports we become closer to each other. We enjoyed so much and were able to laugh and forget temporarily our problems in life. We also gained skills in ball games and learned to accept defeat and humility in winning.”

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