Testimonials by the organizers

Materials for Early Childhood Care and Schools on Wheels

During visits to each preschool, it was been uplifting to see the young 4 year old preschool students looking at books, playing with toys, and putting together puzzles that were purchased with this grant funding.

All in all, the money was very well spent and is genuinely enriching 8 different centers and therefore improving the quality of education for around 150 youth.

To the donor, we thank you so much for the support you entrusted to us and we promise that we will take care everything from it because we are hoping that by that, many kids will be inspired and get encourage to go to formal schools to be a regular student and hit the goals of attaining a fulfill life. Thank you and God Bless. May God pours you more and more blessings.

Storybooks and educational board games for the KAPASKI daycare resource center
The arrival of the donated resource materials consisting of storybooks, reference books and board games and sports equipment gave much needed boost or “life” in the attendance of children during Saturdays. Tutorials now are only not limited to mentoring children how to read and solve math problems but teaching them to play different games. The board games and puzzles help enhance their logical thinking and playing basketball or badminton help in their physical growth and sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie.
The smiles on the children’s faces are priceless. Their enthusiam to join in a game or activity really makes your day. Even those who are a bit shy are slowly coming out of their shell and actively participating with other children.
The youth volunteers are now more active since they too can use the books and games while teaching the younger children. They too are learning how to play the board games which they have not played before.
Seeing the children all happy and having fun is all worth it.
Thank you very much Werde.

Summer Camp on Gender & Environment awareness – Summer 2012/ Casa Esperanza:
The success of the project is mainly credited to the concerted efforts of the staff of the 6 child caring agencies. Voluntarism was high. No negative incidents happened, each agency took charge.

Games and Sport Materials – Summer 2012/ Casa Esperanza:
It is important for teenagers to channel their anergies especially negative ones (anger, hatred) into something constructive life sports and games. Through these activieites our girls hace learned team work, accept defeat and win with humility.

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