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Werde is a Finnish Non-Governmental Organisation that supports projects, education and research in development and environment. Our goal is to raise the awareness and understanding of development issues and environmental problems. Werde wants to give an opportunity for its members to work in areas they feel important. Werde ry was established in Jyväskylä in May 2000 within the group of friends. Werde is a registered organization in Finland with the registration no. 180594.

If you wish to join Werde the annual membership fee for 2015 is 20 € and payable to the following account.

Bank: Nordea
IBAN: FI77 1745 3000 1891 77
Note: OWN NAME member 2015

Membership information form

  • You can become member of Werde and participate as a volunteer to make our projects in Philippines true. As a member you are helping Werde sustain the work for development and environment! Annual membership fee is 40 euro and you'll find the instructions for paying the fee above.


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